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hourglass _ icons

welcome to hourglass_icons. this is the icon community of couperose and mostly consists of icons, although i do post bigger graphics at times. look around the memories for my past entries - if you like what you see, add me

& rules

+ comment if you're taking an icon, nominating me or simply like the icons. i'm such a comment whore.
+ credit either couperose or hourglass_icons. i'll be checking up on people using my icons to make sure they're credited so consider yourself warned. read about crediting from ohpaintbrush.
+ no hotlinking. show some courtesy and upload onto a
photobucket account.
+ no flaming, no editing and no passing off on your own. it's simple enough, just don't it.
+ my icons are for use on livejournal only - if you want to use them somewhere else please ask first.
+ to request an icon, comment on this post. requests are only for members who must fill in the form [provided in the entry], otherwise you'll be ignored.

& resources

thank you so much to all the lovely people whose work i use in my icons. the full list is here.

& affiliates

#33 current affiliates

all my affiliates are listed at this post. if you want to affiliate with hourglass_icons, comment here.

& awards

strangely enough, i've actually won some awards! the full list of my award banners can be found at here. i will keep adding more banners if/as i win more icontests.

& misc

program used = adobe photoshot seven.oh
contact me @ wyvie_the_dwagon@msn.com
+ thanks to mally_bleu for the layout
+ thanks to re_cycled for the userinfo codes
note please do not join, as no-one can post but me and i only use a community to post my icons for convenience. however, feel free to add hourglass_icons if you want to be updated when i post new icons.